Rewind From Fear: The Remixes

This album is a collection of remixed songs that originally appeared on the DubSkin album ”Release From Fear”. These songs were written and produced by various artists across the United States. It was executive produced and compiled by Cory Eberhard and it was mastered by Jim Wilson at Jim Wilson Mastering in Longmont, CO.

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  1. Freedom Fighter (Dr. Israel Remix)
  2. Herb Healer (Kraddy Remix)
  3. Warrior Stomp (Archnemesis Remix)
  4. Lift's Me Up (Two Fresh + Mosis Remix)
  5. Guide Us Free (Mike Rempel of Lotus Remix)
  6. Surrender All (J-Boogie Remix)
  7. Final Call (SuperVision + Michal Menert Remix)
  8. Freedom Fighter (Paul Basic Remix)
  9. Herb Healer (Congo Sanchez Remix)
  10. Chop Chop (Mel F. Lewis Remix)